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Frontline Capital Advisors

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Frontline Capital Advisors is an investment advisory and consulting firm with a network of three offices in Ghana, which launched in 2001.

It provides investment banking, private and institutional asset management, financial and retirement planning and private equity services. It has set itself a mission of acting as a conduit for investors to gain unfettered access to Africa, which it describes as the last frontier market.

“In five years, we would like to be a household name in the pre-emerging market investment banking space,” says Benjamin Oku, Vice President of Marketing at the firm.

“With growing assets will come the need for an increased workforce as well as an increase in the number of branches to service clients,” says Benjamin.

Regulatory changes should strengthen the banking market in Ghana, which will help the wider financial services sector.

“The capital requirement for commercial banks has recently been raised,” says Benjamin. “This will produce fewer yet stronger banks, thus confidence in the sector will soar. We believe this will have a cascading effect on investment banks and asset management firms.”

The firm also prides itself on providing pro bono financial literacy and retirement planning advice, particularly to those made redundant. “Over the past year, our economy has seen many redundancies across different sectors,” says Benjamin.

“Our message to these former employees has been to provide them with viable options that will preserve their retirement, or redundancy packages, and we have advised them on the benefits of investment diversification,” he concludes.