Company information

Electronic exports

Bomare manufactures a range of electronic goods at its factory in Algiers, including televisions, surveillance cameras, digital displays and smartphones. The company works with South Korean electronics giant LG and also produces products under its own commercial brand, called Stream System.

The company was set up in 2001 and from the start it was heavily focused on export markets. “We had a vision to develop our business at the international level,” says Ali Boumediene, Founder and Owner. “Since the creation of our company we set a strategy to manufacture our products and export them to Europe and develop business in Africa later.”

It is a vision that the company continues to pursue. It plans to double the size of its factory to 30,000m2 in the coming years, at a cost of some $50m. That will allow for a sharp rise in output. “Our objective by 2021 is to produce 1.5 million TVs instead of 300,000 today and to produce three million smartphones instead of 700,000 today,” says Ali; “60% of all those products will be exported to Europe and other countries in Africa.”

To hit such targets, the company is planning to increase the size of its workforce from 650 today to around 2,000 employees. Bomare has developed a reputation for employing a highly skilled workforce, with 40% of its staff holding PhDs, and it has also developed links with a number of higher education institutions to help it stay on top of the fast-moving world of technology.

“We have invested in the training of our employees and we have invested in different universities,” says Ali. “We assist young engineers and students from their first year so that at graduation they can be integrated in our company. Technology is changing very fast and we need engineers who can adapt to that.”