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Monumental achievement

It might not always grab the headlines, but MonuRent’s work is of the kind that’s underpinning the development of Africa’s economy. The company provides heavy equipment and services across the continent, specialising in earth-moving supply and engineering support.

“We play a pivotal role in building vital infrastructure and promoting Africa’s resources sector, while providing essential services and development for communities,” says CEO Dan Hoppe. “By delivering a full range of services, from equipment rental to consultancy and other tailored services, we provide our clients with value-added solutions for all their project needs.”

“Diversification will be on our radar as we continue to grow”

The business was set up in Nigeria in 2010 to serve the country’s construction sector, but has since extended its presence into other countries, including Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Botswana. The firm also now provides equipment and services for industries including mining and agriculture, as well as offering solutions for power generation.

“Diversification will be on our radar as we continue to grow, both vertically to expand our service provision and also to spread our wings into other market sectors,” says Dan, who sees potential for growth in the gold and cement markets in particular.

  • 2010 - The year MonuRent was set up to serve Nigeria’s construction sector

As it expands, MonuRent is determined to maintain its reputation for providing a high-quality service and, according to Dan, having the right staff is central to that goal. “As our business has grown, investment in our people has been the biggest differentiator to allowing the quality of our service to remain uncompromised,” says Dan. “We have faced numerous challenges, from recessions, to government changes to Ebola. Throughout, our key to survival has been maintaining a good relationship with our workforce.”