Company information

  • Website: www.kora.co.ao 
  • Sector: Industry
  • Country of operations: Angola

Helping to build affordable homes

Kora is spearheading efforts to create affordable housing across Angola. The company is building 40,000 housing units in 15 urban communities across six of the country’s provinces. “There is much talk and debate around affordable housing, yet very little is actually being done,” says CEO Nimrod Gerber. “We are lucky that we had the chance to actually implement this national-scale housing project in Angola.”

The company specialises in fully integrated urban developments, with high-quality affordable housing built alongside the physical and social infrastructure needed to underpin a community, such as roads, energy, water, sewage treatment plants, healthcare and educational facilities. It has achieved all this while working closely with local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

“We are lucky we had the chance to implement this housing project”

“We are very proud to have succeeded in proving that working with local SMEs can be done on large-scale projects with tight delivery schedules and high standards,” says Nimrod. “Our determination to work this way has forced us to create innovative work methodologies and management procedures that today form the core of our competitive advantage.” Kora is now preparing for further growth, as well as expansion into other parts of Sub-Saharan Africa, with the aim of helping the continent meet its growing need for decent, affordable housing.

  • 40,000 - The number of housing units Kora is building in 15 urban communities across Angola

Nimrod says: “The challenge is to find the ‘golden path’ of collaboration between public and private sectors, and to use the strength of each correctly.

“The private sector by itself will not solve the huge deficit of affordable housing without strong government commitment and risk sharing; and likewise, government cannot solve it without employing the right partners from the private sector.”