Joint Medical Holdings

Joint Medical Holdings

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  • Country of operations: South Africa

Patient approach

Making healthcare affordable to all is a noble aim – and it’s one that South Africa’s Joint Medical Holdings (JMH) Group pursues with a passion. The group, which operates four hospitals and a nursing college in Kwazulu Natal province, is the largest private, black-owned hospital group in the country and is contracted with all the leading medical insurance schemes nationwide.

“One of the key factors in the success of the group has been its ability to offer quality care at affordable costs to the large segment of the population that is located around areas of the inner city,” says Dr Ramesh Bhoola, Chairman of JMH Group.

In the past two years the group has upgraded and renovated its hospitals to meet global standards. “The continuous investment in the latest medical technologies allows us to meet the demands of the rapidly changing healthcare industry,” he says. “We ensure that the hospitals within the group enjoy state-of-the-art medical equipment and offer specialised patient care in all disciplines.”

“Continuous investment allows us to meet the demands of the rapidly changing healthcare industry”

The company is now looking at ways to move into other parts of South Africa. “There are plans to expand the hospital’s footprint throughout the country,” confirms Ramesh. Such an expansion would be welcome as at present there aren’t enough hospital beds in South Africa to adequately serve the country’s population. The nation’s healthcare system also suffers from the ongoing loss of skilled doctors and nurses who choose to work abroad, leading to staff shortages in their native countries. But impending legislative changes to South Africa’s healthcare system could be about to change things for the better, while presenting JMH Group with a major opportunity for growth.

  • 4 hospitals are owned by the JMH Group, which also owns a nursing college

“The planned national health insurance rollout by the government in the near future has created an opportunity for us to partner with the state in service delivery,” explains Ramesh. “We envisage the group growing its operations in the next five years, as it seeks out more acquisitions and through additional bed licences granted by the Department of Health.”