Energy Transfo

Energy Transfo

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Electrifying presence

Energy Transfo has built a reputation as an energy provider which people can rely on. Founded in 1989, the company has grown in tandem with the government-backed rollout of the electricity grid across Morocco.

The firm designs and manufactures low and medium-voltage products, including transformer stations, distribution boards and circuit breakers. It also offers ongoing maintenance services, and on and off-site training for its customers. “During the past decade we have been focused on electrical distribution in Morocco,” says CEO Nouzha Taariji Marrakchi. “The major concern of the government was electrifying the country and expanding access to all its citizens. We have followed the strategy and developed and built products that were needed to achieve the country’s electrification.”

“We have gained the trust of the biggest electrical utilities”

Energy Transfo, which joined the ELITE Morocco programme in April 2016, also exports its products into many other markets across West and Central Africa, including Senegal, Burkina Faso and Gabon.

“We have gained the trust of the biggest electrical utilities and we have capitalised on that to reach African utilities and establish our products in the region,” says Nouzha. “We offer our customers state-of-the-art products that meet international standards and we think innovation is a very important part of our strategy. We not only invent and innovate; we share our knowledge with our partners.”

  • 1989 - The year Energy Transfo was founded

If other local companies are to follow in Energy Transfo’s footsteps and compete with international competitors, they need support, believes Nouzha. “It is always harder to invest in R&D or to hire highly qualified people for a small or a medium-sized enterprise,” she says. “Government incentives can help companies to buy technological transfers in order to be more competitive.”