Company information

  • Sector: Consumer Services
  • Country of operations: Nigeria

Springs in its step

A true test of a company’s strength is how it fares in tough times, and it is one that Mouka has passed with flying colours. The business, which is one of Nigeria’s leading mattress manufacturers, has not only come through difficult economic conditions but used them as an opportunity to improve the way it operates.

Mouka manufactures own-brand foam and spring mattresses, as well as other bedding products at its three production facilities in the south west, south east and north of Nigeria. The company has also developed an extensive distribution network, with more than 1,000 branded sales outlets and over 250 third-party distributors across the country.

“We see the opportunity to have undisputed market share leadership”

“One of the biggest opportunities over the past year has been to use the challenging operating environment to demonstrate the strength of our operations, by ensuring product availability in a marketplace where our competitors are struggling to do the same,” explains Raymond Murphy, CEO. “We have been able to do this due to our
solid relationships with our offshore suppliers. As a result, we have been able to gain market share.”

Raymond continues: “In order to grow our business we have adopted a number of key tactics. We have focused on rationalising our product offering and now concentrate on a higher-margin product mix of mattresses that can increase sales. In parallel, we have been in regular discussions with our distributors to adjust prices and trading terms. And, lastly, we have challenged all areas of our operations to find cost reductions and improve our productivity and operating efficiencies. “We see the opportunity to capitalise on the current market inertia and grow to have undisputed market share leadership within a relatively short period of time.”

  • 1,000+ branded sales outlets are owned by Mouka