Company information

A mall for all

MallforAfrica is bringing the convenience of online shopping to customers across the continent. The company’s mission is to provide consumers with the ability to purchase items from US and UK websites as easily as possible, while ensuring there’s zero risk for either shopper or retailer.

“The mission was simple yet big in scale,” says co-CEO Chris Folayan. “We bridge the e-commerce gap between continents and provide high-quality products to people in Africa.” The company achieves this through a website and a mobile app, and has an ever-expanding catalogue of stores that it works with, from Walmart and Nordstrom in the US to Marks & Spencer and Debenhams in the UK, as well as luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton. As it grows, MallforAfrica is developing partnerships with some of the largest online brands in the world.

“Our goal is to be the only platform needed by African customers to shop for foreign products”

Chris says: “We most recently partnered with global online marketplace giant eBay, bringing the eBay platform to both buyers and sellers in the African continent for the first time. The eBay ‘powered by MallforAfrica’ app is now available to our customers across various African countries. By providing shoppers with access to even more of the original products they want and at a very reasonable price, our goal is to be the only platform needed by African customers to shop for foreign products.”

The company is gradually expanding throughout the continent and aims to have a presence in every African country within the next five years. The firm believes that, as the availability of internet access improves across Africa, there will be a constantly growing market to target. 

“With the decreasing cost of internet usage, more people will be shopping online and they will compare deals before purchasing,” forecasts Chris. “E-commerce is not only the way of the future, it’s going to blur the economic divide between how the middle and lower classes shop. The challenge will be to make sure we always stay one step ahead of the e-commerce curve.”

  • MallforAfrica now has over 200 stores and 10,000 brands in its catalogue