Emerging Markets Knowledge Holdings

Emerging Markets Knowledge Holdings

Company information

  • Sector: Consumer Services
  • Country of operations: Tunisia

Higher calling

Not only is Emerging Markets Knowledge Holdings (EMKH) one of the companies inspiring Africa today – it’s also giving young Africans the education they need to inspire the continent tomorrow.

The Tunisian company’s institutions educate more than 8,500 students and together offer undergraduate, masters and doctoral degrees in everything from business, engineering, architecture and design, to health, law, political sciences and the arts. The company’s core asset is Université Centrale Group (UCG) – Tunisia’s largest private, third-level education provider – which has 4,000 degree students across four universities and a further 1,500 students in two affiliated further education colleges.

  • EMKH educates more than 8,500 students at undergraduate, Masters and PhD levels

“We are training a new generation of assertive leaders and global citizens capable of building the societies and economies of tomorrow,” says CEO Slah Ben Turkia. “Each of our institutions has a strong local identity, managed by local leaders with a global mindset.”

EMKH, which was founded in 2014, is now looking to meet growing demand by developing a pan-African higher education network. Given Africa’s youthful demographics – more than 60% of the continent’s population is under 25 years old – demand for education is only likely to increase. The company has set a target of having 100,000 students in the future and to be the leading private provider of higher education in Africa.

“This new generation of Africans is connected to the internet, and has a world view that is different from their parents or their grandparents and a totally new level of aspiration for their careers,” says Slah. “Education is at the centre of changing lifestyles, as employers pay premiums for qualified, skilled employees. The rising middle-class consumer, and the quest for quality education as a force for prosperity, is driving an explosion in demand for education.

“We are developing candidates with problem-solving skills and multicultural backgrounds, who are able to be flexible in a changing world. Our education provides jobs which will fundamentally enhance the lives of our students and their families.”

“This new generation of Africans has a world view that is different from their parents or their grandparents”