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Feeding a nation

Cairns Foods is a successful manufacturer and marketer of branded food products – and its success has made a positive impact on the lives of people across Zimbabwe.

The company’s mission is for its range of products to be the first-choice brand – and an affordable one – for shoppers across the country. Those products range from some of the most basic, affordable protein, such as sugar beans and kapenta (a small indigenous fish), to chocolate and other tempting snacks. “We produce a wide variety of foodstuffs, positioning ourselves to be relevant to every consumer’s food needs or desires at any time,” says CEO Nancy Guzha. “We are a proud Zimbabwean company, and aim to contribute positively and sustainably to our community.”

Over the past 18 months the company has seized the opportunity to secure raw material and agricultural inputs through contract growing with smallholder farmers. 

“We aim to contribute positively and sustainably to our community”

“In the 2015 to 2016 farming season we contracted more than 2,000 farmers to grow Michigan pea beans for our baked beans, which reduced the price of a key raw material, as well as our import bill, and improved our profitability,” explains Nancy. “It also had the bonus effect of creating employment for small farmers – mainly women – who would not otherwise have had any income.”

Cairns Foods has also proved innovative in making its supply of products affordable to all. “We have innovated to remain relevant to consumers who often have less than $2 a day to feed a family of six,” says Nancy. 

  • 2,000+ farmers were contracted by Cairns Foods to grow Michigan pea beans for the firm’s baked beans

Looking ahead, the company recognises the need to invest in the latest production methods. “The challenge will be securing appropriate and affordable technology, as most of our R&D and machinery is imported,” says Nancy. But it’s a challenge you can be sure Cairns Foods won’t be daunted by.