Consumer Services

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Thanks to advances in technology, a growing middle class and a boom in entrepreneurship, Africa is seeing rapid growth in demand for, and subsequently the supply of, consumer services. Whether it’s e-shopping, an iced latte or a good education, consumers across the continent are enjoying better service and a greater range of choice than they ever have before.

Sector at a glance

  • $2.1 trillion - What household consumption across Africa is expected to be by 2025
  • 75 cities are forecast to account for 49% of Africa’s consumption by 2025
  • 3.9% - The compound annual rate at which Africa’s household consumption grew between 2010 and 2015
Awash Wines
Awash Wines has been producing fine vintages since 1956.
Beloxxi Cream Crackers
Beloxxi Cream Crackers are sold nationwide through more than 300 distributors and supermarket chains, such as Shoprite and Spar.
EMKH educates more than 8,500 students in a vast range of subjects.
Cairns Foods
Cairns Foods is a manufacturer and marketer of branded food products.
Fan Milk International
Fan Milk offers a range of ice creams, yoghurts and juices.
Java House
A comfortable coffee shop priding itself on being a "home away from home".
MallforAfrica provides consumers with the ability to purchase items from US and UK websites.
A leading distributor of pharmaceuticals and fast-moving consumer goods.
Shop Soko
A jewellery supply chain using mobile technology to match entrepreneurs in developing markets with real-time global demand.
Université Privée de Marrakech
Université Privée de Marrakech offers courses in engineering, hospitality, business studies and medical sciences.
Mouka is one of Nigeria’s leading mattress manufacturers.