The Hut Group

The Hut Group

First stop Britain, next stop, the world. That’s the plan for The Hut Group, which is expanding its international operations on the back of UK retail market growth.

The company describes itself as the UK’s leading multi-site online retailer, with 15 websites selling products in categories such as beauty, vitamins, sports nutrition and weight management. Matthew Moulding, CEO, says: "The business focuses on ‘repeat purchase’ categories which by their nature are more resilient to discretionary spending decisions."

  • The Hut Group has 15 websites, which between them sell everything from vitamins to beauty products

The strategy helped The Hut Group through the recent economic downturn. What’s more, the company has been able to grow its share of these product categories because it either directly owns leading brands or occupies a leading reseller position.

Underpinning this strategy has been the company’s proprietary technology platform. "The platform is central to the business model, facilitating highly effective data-driven retailing through optimised website content and bespoke marketing content," Matthew says.