If you want to make it in fashion retail, you need to know what’s hot and what’s not. You also need to be able to offer the latest fashions to customers as soon as possible so they won’t go and buy them elsewhere.

It’s something Boohoo, one of the UK’s leading online fashion retailers, has always understood. The company was built on the foundation of a successful wholesale company, giving it an established supply base to work with, while its Co-Founders and joint CEOs, Mahmud Kamani and Carol Kane, both had experience of supplying the fashion market.

  • 75% - The percentage that Boohoo’s workforce has grown by in the last two years as part of the company’s expansion

By building on these firm foundations, Boohoo has achieved triple-digit growth in a tough economic climate. Mahmud says: "The growth has been down to our consistent offer of trend-led fashion, at affordable prices, which has allowed the consumer to buy into our brand whatever the market conditions."