Judges Scientific

The UK is widely regarded as a centre of excellence for the development of scientific instruments – and among the companies turning production into profit is Judges Scientific.

The company, which specialises in the design and manufacture of scientific instruments, has multiplied its sales tenfold in the past eight years in a sector that has enjoyed worldwide growth for much of that period. When the global recession hit, selling highly specialised instruments to worldwide niche markets shielded the business from the harshest aspects of the economic downturn.

13% – The organic growth that Judges Scientific has achieved since 2005

Judges Scientific’s primary source of growth has been through acquisitions, but it has also managed 13 per cent organic growth since 2005. "We have always had a clear vision of how to develop the group, both organically and through acquisitions, and we have pursued this vision with discipline," says David Cicurel, CEO, Judges Scientific.