Innovation combined with good old-fashioned service has proved a winning formula for STATS Group, according to its management team.

The company’s development of innovative technology has enabled it to provide a full range of products and services for the maintenance, repair and modification of oil and gas installations and pipelines. Just as important has been STATS Group’s belief about where it belongs in the marketplace, allowing the business to evolve and respond to changing market conditions. "More than this I’ve consistently hired some great people – who are always smarter than me at something – and applied a true ‘old-fashioned’ service ethos to focusing on both the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of delivery to our customers," the company’s Managing Director, Peter Duguid, says.

  • The company expects to significantly grow its revenue and its workforce in the next five years

It has not always been plain sailing. When the oil and gas industry experienced a dip as the financial crisis set in a few years ago, STATS Group was affected by a lack of available funding.

"We eventually prevailed by fighting for everything we had and believed in, while never compromising on our commitment to deliver to our customers," Peter recalls.

The company has been growing ever since and expects to double both its revenue and its workforce in the next five years.

Peter also expects oil and gas to dominate energy supply for some time to come.

"I believe we’re several generations from getting renewables and sustainable energy right, so while we develop these, we need to support the oil and gas industry that keeps the world’s economy turning."