Eco Plastics

Eco Plastics

Of the many qualities you need to succeed in business, the ability to hold your nerve is chief among them – and it’s a quality that has enabled Eco Plastics to become one of the UK’s leading plastic bottle recyclers.

Jonathan Short, Managing Director of Eco Plastics, says: "A complete belief in our business plan, a determination to make it work and resilience when confronted with the various obstacles you meet when growing a business as quickly as ours has been crucial to our success."

  • Eco Plastics handles 140,000 tonnes of plastic each year

Since 2009, Eco Plastics has quadrupled its turnover, while its plant is now the largest mixed plastic bottle sorting facility in Europe, handling 140,000 tonnes of plastic each year. With plastic growing in popularity worldwide as a recyclable packaging medium, that figure is set to rise.

  • 4 years - It hasn’t taken long for Eco Plastics to quadruple its turnover – and it is set to expand further

"As other countries increase their waste collections they will need a similar model to ours," Jonathan says.