When it comes to running an efficient business, Tracsis should know a thing or two. The company solves a wide variety of resource optimisation, data capture and reporting problems through technology-led services and associated professional services. It works with rail clients to reduce costs, improve efficiency and enhance operational performance.

"We have a very clear value proposition that revolves around solving some difficult problems for our customers, which has a demonstrable and rapid return on investment," says Tracsis CEO John McArthur, 38.

  • 2007 – The year that Tracsis listed on AIM

The company is able to live up to its proposition thanks to its people. "We have a talented and motivated workforce who are experts in their fields and who are given the freedom to operate without old-school constraints," John explains. "Happy staff equals happy clients."

Its people, along with strategic acquisitions and a commitment to developing new technology, have enabled Tracsis to broaden its offering and grow its customer base, even in tough times.

"We have managed to achieve considerable success in spite of the recession," John says. "As many of our solutions are geared towards saving money and driving efficiencies, we found that the economic downturn gave rise to increased demand for our products and services."

That demand, though, must be met with excellent customer service – something that should be a priority for any business starting out. "Treat your customers like gods," John advises. "There is nothing more important than a happy client who is willing to tell you their problems."

  • Region: Yorkshire & the Humber
  • Sector: Transportation Railroad