TBG Digital

TBG Digital

As social media grows, so do opportunities for enterprising businesses. One business capitalising on these opportunities is TBG Digital, whose mission is to help brands get tangible results from social media platforms.

The company was founded in 2001 by its CEO, Simon Mansell, 34. Establishing itself as a social media specialist has involved recruiting the right people, hard work and a bit of luck, says Jamie O’Brien, Head of Marketing. "Investing time and money in new technology and products has also been important," he emphasises. "We also try to identify new opportunities and get to market first."

  • 2018 – The company aims to double its workforce in the next five years

One of TBG Digital’s biggest challenges has been to build tech products instead of just providing services. "This was a very painful transition for us," Jamie says. "It’s a totally different business that requires more planning and patience than our core business."

Opening new offices on three continents was another big task, but a worthwhile one. "Having a fairly fluid workforce that can move between offices is important."

TBG Digital is now planning further expansion. The company aims to double its workforce over the next five years to enable it to exploit future opportunities. Jamie says: "The social media sector is only going to grow and the challenge will be to deal with the proliferation of digital platforms, networks and services that offer advertising.

"The opportunity is there for us to make sense of the mountain of data that this produces and give brands a simple, reliable and cost-effective way to target their customers."