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The future storytellers

Axis Studios is an animation and visual effects firm that works within the entertainment industry. It partners with clients in four areas of entertainment – TV, video games, film and theme park markets – to tell engaging stories.

The growth in video streaming platforms and the demand for content has created a range of opportunities for the company. “The method in which content is distributed to audiences has changed dramatically. The on-demand nature, coupled with the ability to release content worldwide in one go, has seen more diverse stories and visual styles available to audiences who are looking for a blend of mainstream and niche entertainment,” says Richard Scott, CEO at Axis Studios.

Axis Studios began in Glasgow and has expanded with offices in Bristol and London, and has 14 different nationalities in its team. “Our growth has been organic throughout our entire existence as a studio, meaning it is driven by opportunities that come directly from our clients. We have avoided a ‘build it and they will come’ approach. We feel this has allowed us to strike a good balance between growing and evolving, while being able to measure risk and adapt where necessary,” Richard explains. Using this approach, Axis has diversified, moving from a focus on a single market in entertainment, to building relationships and a portfolio of work across the entertainment sector.

For budding business owners, Richard advises finding someone to do it with. “I think it is very tough to start a business alone. I’m an advocate for having at least one partner or senior team member in place that you can bounce ideas off. If you don’t have that partner, look to have an external mentor or contacts running their own businesses, who you can discuss things with.”