The Rt Hon Theresa May MP

The Rt Hon Theresa May MP

"We must always ensure we create the right conditions for small and medium-sized businesses to flourish"

Commentary by The RT Hon Theresa May MP, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

For several years now, this report has provided us with a chance to thank and celebrate some of Britain’s most inspirational businesses.

It pulls together, in one place, those exciting companies that are breaking new ground and making a real difference to the world around us. It demonstrates why this country has such a proud reputation for entrepreneurship.

It also lays bare how small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of our economy, providing the jobs that support families and communities and drive our country’s growth.

Our country has a history of being a great place to grow and start a business – and the innovation, creativity and entrepreneurialism that has always been the key to our success is tangibly demonstrated by those in this report.

I want to thank London Stock Exchange Group for once again bringing together such a great collection of British businesses, and I want to congratulate all of them for their outstanding achievements – and the hard work and determination that so clearly underpins their success.

We must always ensure we create the right conditions for small and medium-sized businesses to flourish. Business knows it can never afford to stand still, and what
is true for business is also true for us as a nation.

In a world of great change and technological advances, we must be ready to harness the opportunities that exist, and ensure our economy is ready to rise to the challenge of creating the businesses and jobs of tomorrow.

That is what our modem Industrial Strategy is about – getting the fundamentals of our economy right and backing Britain for the long-term, ensuring that we are poised to grow new industries, develop new exports and that we have people with the skills to take up more good jobs.

I have always said that setting up and running a business is one of the most socially responsible things you can do. So finally I want to thank the hardworking people behind the businesses in this report for the jobs they create and the contribution they make to our country – I believe they provide an inspiration to us all.