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Honest Burgers is a restaurant group specialising in homemade burgers and chips. “The burgers are chopped, not minced, to keep the natural texture and are made daily in our own butchery,” says co-founder Tom Barton. “Our chips, relish, rosemary salt, fritters, pickles and sauces are all made from scratch in our prep kitchen. It’s certainly not the easiest way, but we think it’s the best.”

Honest Burgers started in 2011 with £5,000, in a rainy field just outside Brighton. Now it has 31 restaurants, a prep kitchen and a butchery that makes 90% of its menu from scratch. It’s also built a culture that the founders are very proud of. “Our restaurant culture is based around old school hospitality. We want you to feel like you’re at home when you eat with us, and that starts the moment you walk through the door,” says co-founder Phil Eeles.

The restaurant group opened its first site in Brixton Village, London, in 2011 and it was important to the business to keep things simple. “It’s easy to try and please everyone, but by doing so, you dilute what you’re actually good at. We’ve stuck to what we know and worked at making that the best it can be – the humble burger and chips.”

Honest Burgers is the only restaurant business in the country that has an LTTC (Less Than Thoroughly Cooked) accredited butchery, which means it can safely serve its burgers cooked medium.

The company prides itself on the transparency of its ingredient sourcing. “We’ve always been upfront about where our products come from, and opening our own butchery puts us in complete control of the traceability and quality of our beef. Plus, we’re doing all this for a really good price, so it’s helped us get a loyal following in our restaurants.”