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Operating across the UK and Ireland, SecuriGroup delivers a range of professional security services, from corporate guarding to stewarding of major events, leisure security, key holding and mobile response, all supported by an array of electronic solutions.

The company trebled in size in the past five years, and is now able to take on large tasks. It deployed more than 1,100 security personnel to the 2014 Ryder Cup, searching and screening more people on each competition day than pass through security at Heathrow’s Terminal 5.

"The basis of our historic growth and success has been the delivery of a consistently high level of service," says Russel Kerr, Managing Director. "A dependable business is a resilient one and we have demonstrated that procuring services from investing in a quality security provider, such as ourselves, will deliver long-term value and peace of mind for our customers."

This is a heavily regulated sector and SecuriGroup works closely with the Security Industry Authority, which manages the compulsory licensing of security personnel in the UK and also administers an Approved Contractor Scheme. "By working proactively with the regulator, the police and other stakeholders, SecuriGroup continues to demonstrate to buyers its commitment to quality and is consistently ranked in the top 5% of the accreditation scheme," says Russel.

The employees are key to its success, which Russel says ought to be at the centre of any business. "Recruit, retain and develop the best people. Our organisation is defined by the quality, skills and dedication of our people, and they will always be our greatest and most valued asset," he says. "We understand the benefits of a highly-motivated workforce, and how this translates into a consistently strong product and long-term client relationships."