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Croxsons is a family-owned business based just outside London, supplying glass containers and closures, and other packaging, to food and drinks manufacturers around the world.

The company does not manufacture the products it sells, rather, it seeks to maintain a diverse strategic supply chain, which allows it to offer a wider range of products from multiple partners. "Offering a range of industry standards means a reduced risk from customer concentration and provides flexibility in being able to respond to an ever-changing and growing market," says Tim Croxson, Chief Operating Officer.

The business has a history, which dates back to the 19th-Century but it is firmly moving with the times these days, as consumer habits evolve. "The growth in the popularity of craft products, with consumers moving away from mass-market brands, has been a big opportunity that we have been able to take advantage of," says Tim. "Consumers are concentrating their spend on better-quality products and brands that are more aspirational. We have been able to supply into this significant sector.

Further changes are likely in the coming years as demand for different packaging materials changes, but it seems likely that demand for glass ought to remain robust, given it is sustainable and more easily recyclable than many other alternatives. As Tim points out, "Even when disposed of incorrectly in landfill, glass will do zero damage to the environment."

One key reason why the company has been able to survive and thrive for so long is its consistent attention to quality, and that is something that will not change. "Our utmost aim is to reduce the amount of headaches that our customers experience through excellent quality, over-and-above service, and all with the ethos that comes with a family business that is more than 145 years old," says Tim. "This is underpinned by excellent service, which strives to understand our customers and their challenges."