Company information

Precision engineering

The Carfulan Group supplies advanced manufacturing solutions to more than 700 customers across a wide range of industries, from aerospace to automotive, oil and gas, medical, education and design.

The group started out as a specialist in multi-sensor metrology through its OGP UK division, but, over the years, it has expanded its offering. In 2007, it added 3D printing to its portfolio, followed by tool pre-setting and inspection in 2012 and turned-part measurement solutions in 2016.

"Our mission is to help manufacturers to make the best parts they can, in the most efficient way possible," says Managing Director Chris Fulton. "We offer best-in-class solutions at every stage of the manufacturing process and we’re able to do it for businesses of all sizes."

The company has been enjoying strong growth, increasing its turnover from £5m in 2012 to £12m in 2017, helped by an Advanced Innovation Centre that it opened in south Derbyshire in early-2015. "Our state-of-the-art, purpose-built showroom facility houses the very latest technology, supporting product development, training and testing," says Chris. "It has given our engineers the scope to push boundaries more than ever before and, consequently, they’ve been in greater demand."

Staying at the cutting edge is vital for a company such as Carfulan, as the requirements of UK-based engineering companies become ever-more exacting. "There is a growing demand for smaller and more intricate manufactured parts and components, for example, in the medical sector, where materials and specifications are covered by tight regulations," says Chris. "Our products and software can help businesses to meet these demands quickly, efficiently and with unerring accuracy, offering them a rapid return on investment."