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Across the UK, more than 1,100 companies rely on UK Waste Solutions to take the hassle out of business waste management and recycling. Rather than owning a fleet of bins and trucks, UK Waste Solutions acts as a brokerage, sourcing the highest-quality and best-fit service provider for each of its clients.

"As a broker, we have the ability to tap into the entire UK infrastructure of waste management facilities. We embrace the innovation that happens and are focused on bringing the best of this to our clients," says Managing Director Max Kanda. "What makes us really proud is our ability to optimise and add value to the services received by our clients."

The company is not simply focused on disposing of the waste generated by its clients, though. It also helps to educate and train its clients to improve their processes and make them more efficient.

"The opportunities to add value are not limited to service provision or processing technology," says Max. "Data, information and education have become increasingly important requirements for our customers when looking for opportunities to improve the way they manage, develop and report on their investment in waste and recycling services. Our bespoke customer engagement programmes with high-profile and highly-regarded brands have demonstrated our ability to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions."

However, there are some significant challenges to overcome as well.

"The UK waste management industry has taken some huge strides over the past 10–15 years, largely driven by EU legislation," says Max. "The combination of Brexit, a Chinese crackdown on importing recyclable material and the Government’s failure to commit to a clear policy that would help to deliver new waste facilities are major challenges."