Ginger Pig

Ginger Pig

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On a (sausage) roll

The Ginger Pig is helping to reinvigorate the idea of a great high-street butcher. The company rears native-breed pigs, sheep and cattle in North Yorkshire and uses these animals to supply its growing network of shops.

It all began with a small stall in Borough Market in London, but the company has now grown to seven shops across the city and another in Loughton, Essex. More are planned in the future, including a new space in Borough Market, which will act as the hub of an online business offering nationwide delivery.

“In our eyes, our shops are part of the local fabric of everyday life, not just another shop on the high street,” says Tim Wilson, Owner and Founder of the company. “From very humble beginnings in the early-’90s, The Ginger Pig has been at the forefront of bringing butchery back to London’s high streets.”

The company now makes more than 130,000 sausage rolls each year to sell in its shops, but the outlets are about more than simply selling meat. “As longstanding and experienced experts in the industry, we aim to pass on our knowledge to the customer, to better educate them in all aspects of butchery and farming, from the animals we rear in North Yorkshire, to knife skills and proper meat cooking,” explains Tim.

Recent trends suggest people may eat less meat in the future, but Tim is sure that his company’s position in the market means it will thrive nonetheless. “As meat gets more expensive, people may eat it a little less often, but they will still want to invest in special occasions and will increasingly demand better quality,” he says. “The UK has always been and will always be a meat-eating nation. It is just up to the producers to supply the customer with what they want.”