Confidence boost for Scottish business

Confidence boost for Scottish business

Commentary by Liz Cameron OBE, Director and Chief Executive, Scottish Chambers of Commerce

Showing, not telling, is the best way to communicate great ideas, and the stories contained in 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain 2018 have the power to inspire thousands more to follow their paths to success.

The companies contained between these covers embody the best of British ambition, innovation, investment and raw business talents. We at Scottish Chambers of Commerce (SCC) are excited by their example, and will do what we can to support companies as they seek to replicate this kind of turbocharged success. It is built on hard work, trial and error, and boundless creative energy.  

At a time of much talk about the uncertainty that comes with big political change, SCC is confident about the ability of Scottish and British business to endure even the most changeable circumstances.

The kind of qualities shared by 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain are familiar to us from the best of the Scottish businesses we encounter every day. The abundance of entrepreneurial energy they possess gives us the confidence to predict exciting times ahead for Scottish business.

One of the most prominent features of Scottish business life now is the renewed sense of urgency behind the drive to boost the international operations of our SME business base.

A sizeable number of the business stories contained in this showcase of talent have vital lessons with which to inspire us all to be more globally focused, and to be looking at exports at an earlier stage in the life of the businesses.

It’s not just IT-related start-ups that should aspire to being ‘born global’, it’s increasingly necessary for all businesses to embody a global mindset. This applies with added force in Scotland, where the potential of international ecommerce can unlock Scottish business, notably, our rural enterprises, from the tyranny of geography – shrinking long supply chains and increasing almost infinitely our potential customer base.

As well as being a vital revenue earner, they are a spur to, and a cause of, greater productivity, and, ultimately, nothing matters more for the long-term health of our businesses than boosting productivity to grow profitability.

The Scottish Chambers of Commerce congratulates each and every business that has won a place in 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain 2018. Thank you for showing us the way and continuing to spur us on.