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Let there be light

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, V-TAC Europe designs, develops and delivers affordable, high-quality LED lighting to 70 countries worldwide.  

The brand’s affordability has always been its point of difference, particularly in the beginning, as CEO Rumen Folev explains: “In the early days of our business, we were probably the only company that strived to make LED lighting as affordable as possible for everybody. 

“We had the ambition to make LED lighting global, as we firmly believed then, as we do now, that LED is the only sustainable lighting for the future.” 

Now the market is completely different, says Rumen, with the main challenges coming from low-quality products that don’t comply with European legislation – a challenge V-TAC faces head-on by educating consumers and ensuring its products remain of the highest quality.  

“Our drive is always to make the most responsible choices in our strategy, this is what sets us apart from the rest and what makes us successful,” adds Rumen. 

Another key factor behind the brand’s success is its strategic partnerships: in 2017 V-Tac partnered with the tech giant Samsung. 

“Samsung is providing LED chips for our V-TAC Pro series,” adds Tihomir Ivanov, Director at V-TAC Europe. “This will allow us to offer a five-year warranty for our products, due to the chips’ impeccable quality. With this partnership, we plan to achieve the position of European market leader in the near future.  

“Remember that the internet is the new king of location,” he continues. “It used to  be necessary to have a shop with lots of traffic passing; nowadays you create your own traffic online – use that tool as much  as you can.”