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Located in the industrial zone of Rousse, in North Bulgaria, TM Technology is a metalworking and construction company producing medium and large-scale metal products.

Victor Petrov, TM Technology’s Trade Director, believes it’s the firm’s 230-strong committed workforce that is the key to its success. “People in the company care enough to put extra effort in the projects they work on, and this is something you cannot force. In 90% of cases this is earned over time.

“Luckily we employ people who are ambitious and love what they do. These are the most important and intangible qualities to have. It is these people that make the company successful.”

As a result, Victor and his colleagues have invested heavily in improving workplace conditions and skills training. “The goal is to create an atmosphere where people work well together and stress levels are at a minimum. We think investing in our workforce shows the best results because it shows that you care,” he says.

Today, TM Technology manufactures and exports products to countries such as Germany, the UK, Belgium and Austria, and hopes to keep expanding the business, while always keeping employee welfare central to the organisation. “The main challenge we see is establishing ethical rules in such a way that an employee would follow his or her duties for their own sake and not because of pressure from a direct manager,” adds Victor.

As for new businesses starting out, Victor advises managers to be just as committed to their employees.

“Find loyal employees who believe in the value of the business, this is universal advice,” he says. “If people are willing to follow you and they see the potential in the business, then you have a very firm base for a new venture.”