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Built for speed

Founded by motorbike racer Igor Akrapovič in the early nineties, Akrapovič produces high-performance exhaust systems and lightweight solutions made from titanium and carbon fibre. The Slovenian manufacturer has become synonymous with world-class performance over the last 27 years, with more than 100 world champion racers using its innovative exhaust systems.

Akrapovič’s CEO, Uroš Rosa, attributes the company’s success to dedicated staff and an unwavering commitment to research and development. “Akrapovič continually invests in new technologies and R&D. It always strives to create the best possible products, and it also has motivated employees,” says Uroš.

This and the recent boom in accessories for performance vehicles has enabled the firm to expand its products portfolio. “In addition, we’ve expanded our operations in regions where Akrapovič is present. We’ve also established new partnerships,” adds Uroš.

Changes in legislation have been challenging, with more challenges and opportunities set to hit the industry. “The legislation for type approval of vehicle exhaust systems has been changing quite a lot,” explains Uroš.

“New norms are being enforced for motorcycles and they will be even stricter for cars in the future. Meeting all of these requirements while still developing products that appeal to customers is currently the greatest challenge, and this will remain so in the future.”

As for the question of mobility, Uroš predicts the industry will change more in the next 15 to 20 years than it has in the previous 60 to 80.

“What will the propulsion system be for future generations of vehicles? Will it go fully electric, will there be a transition period, or will there be another form of propulsion that enters the mass market? There are various issues, but it’s an exciting time to be in the automotive industry right now,” says Uroš.