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Healthcare may well be a universal right, but it’s not something that is universally delivered. Treatments for rare diseases may only be available in certain countries due to the time taken to approve a drug or the number of patients being too low to make it commercially viable for the manufacturer to produce.

UK-based Durbin has been supplying pharmaceuticals and medical equipment since 1963. It understood early on that the increase in specialist therapies for rare diseases was producing a need that was not being met in all corners of the globe, so it began to use its expertise to supply these to patients who otherwise would not get them.

“We build long-term relationships with our customers, whether that is an NHS hospital, a pharmaceutical manufacturer or a major relief organisation,” says Leslie Morgan, CEO of Durbin. The company focuses on five foundations: quality of service, regulatory expertise, being ethical and cost effective, global distribution, and global sourcing.

The emphasis on propelling the development of niche areas of the health supply chain has won it a vast client base – it supplies products to more than 180 countries from its centres in the UK, US and Singapore.

“We have grown the business by geographical expansion but mostly by focusing on our core competencies and taking this to new business streams,” Leslie says. It’s this philosophy that has seen it grow from just 60 employees crammed in one office, to hundreds of staff across multiple countries.

So where does it go from here? “I think the pharmaceutical industry will continue to develop more personalised and specialist therapies,” Leslie says. “This, in turn, will increase the demand for specialist companies like Durbin. We are on an ambitious growth path and we certainly see our workforce increasing in the coming years.”