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Future solutions

With over 550 employees operating from 14 countries worldwide, AlfaPeople delivers cloud-based and artificial intelligence (AI) supported, client relationship management (CRM) solutions based on Microsoft technology.

“Our solutions facilitate the processes and functions required for organisations to engage directly with their customers, clients or citizens,” explains Michael Gaardboe, CEO. “Our clients are mainly large, enterprise-sized international organisations, or public sector.

“Our clients often have a diverse international organisation and have chosen to go to an international market with varied offerings to optimise market share,” says the CEO. “Instead of standardising and simplifying their organisations, processes and offerings, we offer them a standardised and simplified global, cloud-based CRM solution designed to prioritise flexibility and diversity.”

Michael believes that a growing willingness on the part of businesses to “think global but act local” has helped drive AlfaPeople’s growth, as clients choose to migrate and consolidate their legacy local systems into single company-wide solutions. As a result, CRM cloud-based solutions are now available and cost-efficient in 90% of all countries.

Now the team are looking even more to AI, machine learning and big data – all of which the CEO believes will control the buying and service processes of the future. “Artificial intelligence will change systems from being programmed to always learning,” he says. “Machine learning will automate a significant part of the work IT users do today, and external data will be as important as internal data. The challenge will be how lawmakers act and protect – or don’t – data-owners in each market.”

And as for budding entrepreneurs, Michael has the following advice: “Don’t do it alone and don’t think too small. Design your business so it is aligned with how you think the market will be in three years’ time and how your company should be in three years.”