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Healing herbs

Founded in 1933 by Josef Popp, Bionorica is a world-leading manufacturer of evidence-based herbal medicines headquartered in Neumarkt, which is close to Nuremberg. With more than 1,600 employees and growing, the company operates sites in 20 locations worldwide, including Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Austria, Brazil and Spain.

Professor Michael A Popp, owner and CEO of Bionorica, attributes the company’s success to its innovative “phytoneering philosophy” and commitment to research. “Phytoneering is the bridge between alternative medicine and modern pharmaceutical and medical science, with the aim of producing highly effective preparations,” explains Michael. “Through our phytoneering philosophy, we decode the great potential of the active ingredients in plants – phytos – using innovative technologies.”

The past six years have been a period of growth for Michael and the team, with Bionorica investing more than €120m into its headquarters in Neumarkt alone, creating one of the most modern, digital and environmentally compatible production facilities for herbal medicines worldwide.

“Our cultivation, extraction and production processes set international standards,” adds Michael. “This makes us the market leader in the segment of scientifically substantiated phytomedicine, which is expanding globally.”

As a result, Bionorica has established research collaborations with more than 500 leading institutes, hospitals and universities worldwide.

“Due to our R&D activities in 2017, we achieved great success,” explains Michael. “We examined more than 100 plants, characterising over 1,000 active substances in the process. This is the basis for new herbal remedies and our R&D ratio amounted to 14.6% in 2017.

By using only the latest analysis technologies in its cultivation processes, including a hand-held device and a sensor, the quality of the ingredients of a medicinal plant can be measured directly on the field and the harvesting time optimised. “Now, our cultivation is digital, too,” says Michael. “We have developed a process to determine the species and subspecies of plants.”