Company information

Reigning renewables

Coenergia is a B2B distributor of renewable energy products based in Italy, specialising in photovoltaics (PV) and solar systems.

“We believe in ecologically sustainable buildings, where renewable technologies work in synergy and energy isn’t wasted,” explains Giulio Arletti, AD of Coenergia. “We don’t think this is an impossible utopia, we know that it’s possible in the near future because we already have the technologies to make it so.”

Giulio and the team support Coenergia’s customers in areas that span technical consulting, planning consulting, after-sales service and training. It’s partly this integrated and comprehensive approach that’s driven the company’s success, believes Giulio. That, and a can-do attitude.“We have the capability to offer more than one solution to our customers and to consider new products for the business. We also have the competence to handle and control the market by finding opportunities – especially when others see
only difficulties.

“This is a positive feeling for our customers, who know they can count on a solid company that guarantees a constant availability of products from a wide range of the world’s top brands,” says Giulio.

It hasn’t all been plain sailing: the end to Italy’s energy feed tariffs in 2013 proved to be a difficult time for Coenergia, but the firm remained resilient and positive. “We overcame this challenge by believing strongly in the market, and by informing our customers of the benefits of PV systems and the extent to which they could reduce their carbon footprints.”

Two years later, Coenergia took the bold decision to start manufacturing all products within its Trienergia brand, which now makes all of its modules entirely in Italy, including its renowned Trienergia System.

“It is a decision that still makes us very proud,” says Giulio. “We decided to invest in Italy and in a project that we’ve believed in since the very beginning – one that allows us to offer a unique product made with an extraordinary technology.”