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Bringing home the burger

MAX Burgers enjoys a particularly special distinction. It’s Europe’s oldest burger chain, having first opened its doors to the Swedish public in 1968. Ever since, the company has been turning out burgers known both for their taste, and for the sustainability of the produce they cook with – so much so that it has become something of a torchbearer for the industry. It regularly ranks in customer surveys as the most sustainable company in the fast food segment.

“We are truly passionate burger lovers and we don’t cut corners when it comes to quality,” says Richard Bergfors, CEO of MAX Burgers. “Our mission is to make the world a little better, both by serving the best tasting burgers, and by contributing to a great society.”

The company has seen rapid expansion in the past 16 years, recording year-on-year growth of 20%. Annual profit is reinvested back into the company, and the business model it follows has achieved astronomical success. MAX Burgers is now Sweden’s most profitable restaurant chain.

Part of its emphasis on sustainable produce is the creation of a Green Family of meals, both vegan and lacto-ovo, made from grains, vegetables and dairy. Any products that contain meat, fish or poultry do not make it into the family. As a result, this line of burgers has a much smaller carbon footprint than your average beef burger.

The Green Family has been the company’s most successful brand launch ever, outcompeting other fast food brands, and it keeps on growing, says Richard. “In 2016, we increased fivefold the range of Green Family burgers, and the sales of green meals have increased by 900% since then.”

The results have been dramatic. MAX’s total climate impact has reduced by 13% for every year since 2016. By 2022, it aims to ensure that one in every two meals sold is a non-red meat option – in other words, no beef.

“We’ll continuing making green burgers taste as good as, or better, than meat burgers,” says Richard. “That’s definitely a commitment for our product development in the coming years.”