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Bradburys Cheese

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Founded more than 130 years ago in Derbyshire, Bradburys Cheese manufactures, sources, cuts, supplies and exports a range of British and European cheeses for retail and food services around the world.

“We’ve been around since 1884 so we really know our cheese and the industry,” explains Chris Chisnall, Marketing Director at Bradburys Cheese. “That said, it’s our ability to adapt to the changing demands of the market and customer that’s driven growth for us.”

Spotting the growing demand for British cheeses, Bradburys entered the export sector for the first time four years ago and now exports to more than 30 countries worldwide. The firm’s “relentless pace” and ability to supply a bespoke range has helped the business quickly gain traction in a competitive market.

“We’ve had to have a distinct advantage against our competitors,” Chris says. “We drive innovation with pace, and we’ve diversified into new growth areas such as foodservice, travel, airlines and export.”

Chris believes this evolutionary approach will continue over the next five years, with Bradburys diversifying even further – “our business will constantly change” – beyond traditional sectors like retail and beyond the UK.

Driving this change will be a more flexible workforce. “Our team should grow as the business grows, but we will need to become more flexible as our customers change – we’ll see less of the nine to five, Monday to Friday,” explains Chris.

“The major challenge facing our industry, and many others, is Brexit. The unknown is proving challenging on a currency front as well as for trade deals with country partners, both in buying and selling.

“As a result, we may well be ripping up the rule book in the next few years.”