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Finproject Industrial Group

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The Finproject Industrial Group (FPJ) is a producer of foam applications for use in durable plastic products in sectors such as footwear, and the spa, automotive and safety industries.

FPJ is a fully integrated company, taking the process from the study of a tailored raw material, usually a special compound, through an internal chemical engineering department, to the finished injection-moulded product for delivery to its customers.

Maurizio Vecchiola, CEO, attributes the company’s success to its ability to specialise while maintaining a high level of quality. “We can, for example, buy resins in whatever currency, transform them into compounds, then sell either the material or the finished injected products on the market. This is a very sensitive topic in the plastics market and it gives us an advantage over our rivals who produce in the EU but try to sell their products worldwide.”

Maurizio says the next challenge for the company lies in addressing the growing environmental concerns regarding plastics. “In the plastics business, the biggest challenge in the coming years will be to make reusable plastic,” he says. “The Circular Economy Model will inspire all concerned companies in the plastics field to minimise the environmental impact of their products. Wherever it is possible, and allowed within customer specifications, we use recyclable products.”

FPJ now boasts offices in India, China, Mexico, Canada and Romania and is planning further growth, both organic and via acquisitions should the right opportunities arise.

“Our workforce is growing year on year,” says Maurizio. “Today we have 1,100 employees and while any increase will depend on the requirements of each of our sites, I think 5% annual workforce growth is credible.”

The other future plan is take the company public. “I think that is important to gain market confidence and continue our bid to be a major player in our field,” says Maurizio.