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One of Ireland’s largest hauliers, Dixon Transport began life in the late 1970s. Despite soon becoming a major player in the continental goods transport industry, the company has stayed true to its family roots. Following the passing of his father in 1988, Michael Dixon re-established the business in 1998, and within six years, grew a fleet of 50 trucks and a lauded reputation.

Today, that figure has tripled, and its trucks can be seen across the continent, from Ireland to Germany, Austria to Portugal. It specialises in the transportation and storage of temperature-controlled items, and from its modest beginnings, it now boasts 250 employees, ranging from truck drivers to planning, administration and accounts staff. “Our trucks are all our own assets and we do not subcontract,” says Logistics Manager Colum Aungier. “We pride ourselves on putting our customer’s needs first and we were the first company in our industry to have 24/7 monitoring for sensitive shipments. In addition, we have embraced new technologies, including GPS software for trucks and trailers, and temperatures of clients’ shipments.”

Its operations were boosted in 2015 by the construction of a large temperature-controlled facility in Dublin with capacity for 4,000 pallets.

Three years later, demand for the company’s services has grown so much that it has begun work on a 5,000 pallet extension.

Colum says the biggest challenge in recent years has been remaining competitive and controlling costs in a climate of increasing fuel prices. But initiatives have been developed to combat this, including reducing the maximum speed of its fleet, and educating drivers on efficient driving techniques.

Dixon Transport knew early on what its customers required. Its continued success is testament to its willingness to listen and act on the demands of those who have depended on it for more than two decades and continue to do so.