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Whether it’s insurance, salary sacrifice schemes or retailer discounts, Personal Group is behind the employee benefits programmes of some of the UK’s largest firms.

“We offer our clients a wide range of our own and third-party employee benefits via a technology platform that goes above and beyond salary,” explains CEO Mark Scanlon. “These programmes are designed to support productivity through a happier workforce, leading to better engagement, improved staff retention and the attraction of new employees.”

The company’s proprietary Hapi platform is designed to be simple to use and can be customised to include whatever benefits a client might want to offer its staff.

“Our investment in technology and developing our own proprietary employee benefits platform has enabled us to create a market-leading proposition,” says Mark.

  • 30% - Personal Group’s increase in productivity thanks to its investment in technology

“It provides us with an offer and the flexiblity to meet the needs of the market today and in the future, and allows us to serve an SME market previously unavailable to us.”

Personal Group’s ambition is to triple the size of its workforce over the next five years. To support its strategy, the firm has gone to great efforts to simplify its own processes.

Mark says: “We have invested significantly in technology, meaning our sales teams have been able to see more customers and spend less time on administrative work. That has led to a 30% improvement in productivity.

“We believe productivity is key to being competitive and we believe that a happy workforce is a more engaged workforce, which leads to increased productivity. Paying attention to how you take care of your employees is very important. Over the past few years, we have invested significantly in our client offer, people, and technology and market access.”