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Blaze Manufacturing Solutions

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Blaze Manufacturing Solutions is a market leader in fire safety protection, detection and loss prevention solutions for the energy sector. Located in Aberdeenshire, close to the heart of the UK’s oil and gas industry, the company has developed systems to prevent fire in hazardous areas by monitoring the atmosphere for the accumulation of flammable gases.

The family-run business has gained a strong reputation within the energy sector, mainly thanks to the investments it has made in research and development. “Innovation is at the heart of our family business, which we started in our summer house only ten years ago,” says Managing Director Howard Johnson. “Our technologies are blast- and fire-resistant and we have experts who are able to advise our clients on the most efficient solution to their problem. Last year, we invested heavily in research and development, which has meant we are significantly cheaper and more efficient than some of our European counterparts.”

“Innovation is at the heart of our family business, which we started in our summer house only ten years ago” - Howard Johnson, Managing Director, Blaze Manufacturing Solutions

Blaze’s innovations have seen it win a number of awards – and Howard says the company’s reputation for developing breakthrough technologies has helped it greatly when entering new markets. Such expansion is vital to the firm’s ongoing success. Blaze was originally set up as an oil services company, but it has followed a number of energy companies into the renewables sector.

“More and more oil and gas firms are turning to the renewables sector and this market has proven to be a huge opportunity for Blaze,” says Howard. “We have already secured a number of significant wind farm contracts.”

Other sectors of interest to Blaze include mining and working with the Ministry of Defence. As it expands into these areas, the company is determined to keep innovating.

  • 500% - The amount by which Blaze’s annual turnover has grown since 2012

“We are aiming to inaugurate our business in other sectors, and to ultimately become a trusted partner within these industries,” says Howard, “and we will work extremely hard to continue to develop new and enhanced technologies to sustain our reputation as an innovator.”