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Some 20 years ago, Golden Bear had a breakthrough moment when it obtained the rights to develop toys for the launch of Teletubbies, a TV show that has turned out to be enduringly popular with its target market of pre-school children. The company has since designed, manufactured and marketed toys linked to many other shows, including In the Night Garden, Twirlywoos and Mr Tumble Something Special.

“Our reputation has been built on delivering high-quality plush and plastic toys which children can enjoy and parents can trust,” says Chairman John Hales. “Key licences are integral to our success. Many well-known children’s TV programmes form part of the collection and the company has also formed associations with other top brands such
as JCB and Mini.”

The development of own-label toys for leading retailers is another element of the business and, in addition to children’s TV characters, the company has also branched out into other areas.

“The mascot rights for the London Olympics of 2012 raised the company’s profile considerably and broadened our customer base in the UK and overseas,” says John. “Licence acquisitions in a number of different segments have also enabled us to move into nursery, girls and boys categories. This has created the opportunity to develop new suppliers to help increase the capacity of the business.”

  • 50% - The amount by which Golden Bear aims to expand its business

The market for toys, especially in the pre-school sector, has grown consistently in recent years and the company says it aims to continue growing with it. Golden Bear plans to expand by at least 50% over the next five years in order to meet the demands of new licensing deals and product launches.

“We have just finalised an agreement for worldwide rights of a new property which will be launching in 2017 and negotiations are underway for several other new licences,” adds John. “It is important to us that we grow our international footprint, and this will be a main objective over the next five years.”