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Good Energy is helping to transform the UK energy market into one that’s far more sustainable. The electricity that the company sells to homes and businesses comes from more than 1,000 renewable energy sites, including wind farms in Cornwall and Yorkshire and a solar park in Dorset. The firm has also invested in a tidal lagoon project in Swansea Bay.

“All the electricity we provide comes from harnessing local, natural sources like sunshine, wind, rain and biofuels”

“Good Energy is one of the UK’s first 100% renewable electricity supplier-and-generator companies. All of the electricity we provide comes from harnessing local, natural sources like sunshine, wind, rain and biofuels,” says CEO Juliet Davenport, who founded the company in 1999. “It was conceived as a business that could harness consumer and business environmental concerns and be profitable. We believe we’ve become a catalyst for entrepreneurship among dozens of renewable power suppliers in England.”

The firm recently launched Selectricity, a peer-to-peer energy-trading platform for businesses. It has also started to offer carbon-neutral ‘green gas’, with 6% of the gas coming from biomethane, produced from organic matter such as manure and sewage. Emissions from the gas are balanced with carbon-reduction schemes that support local communities in Malawi, Vietnam and Nepal. “We have started offering customers green gas to complement our electricity and we see demand growing,” says Juliet.

Good Energy has also made its energy offering simpler for customers to understand. The company now offers just one standard electricity tariff and one dual-fuel tariff for both electricity and gas – another example of the firm keeping pace with changes in consumer demand.

  • 1,000+ - The number of renewable energy sites from which the firm sells electricity

Juliet says: “We’ve been well placed to capitalise on increased consumer awareness of competition and customers moving away from the big, old-fashioned energy companies. Many are looking for a supplier they can trust with good service and the opportunity to buy 100% renewable electricity. And the consumer trend towards ethical companies and businesses with a purpose also makes us attractive.”