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From Portugal to the world

Based in the city of Lisbon, “From Portugal to the world, together we do more and better” is the slogan of the Portuguese exporting company, Iguarivarius. “We are pursuing a strategy whereby we sell products to the world from Portugal,” explains Alexandre Cavalleri, Iguarivarius’ CEO. “It has been an arduous task, but today we are recognised as one of the largest food exporting companies.”

In addition to exporting food products Iguarivarius offers consulting services, systems and information technologies.

“In 2015 and 2016 we acquired an industrial company and created new companies in the areas of motor racing events, organising events, safety and environmental consultancy,” adds Alexandre. “Grupovarius now encompasses many diversified business areas and operates practically all over the world.”

“Grupovarius has been fortunate to find support and encouragement from the companies with which it has been linked” - Alexandre Cavalleri, CEO, Iguarivarius

Alexandre attributes the company’s success to several factors. These include the quality and commitment of the firm’s employees, the quality and leadership of the management teams, and the commitment and active support from the company’s main shareholder. There are also the partnerships between the company and the products and services it exports.

“The whole of Grupovarius has been fortunate to find great support, understanding, solidarity and encouragement from most of the companies and institutions with which it has been linked. Without this, it would not have been possible to achieve the results we have,” says Alexandre.

Last year was a significant one for the team, as Grupovarius exported to nearly 20 countries.

  • 20 - The number of countries to which Grupovarius exported in 2016

“Efforts have also been made to market products and services to other markets, notably Europe, Africa and Asia,” adds João Rosa, COO of Iguarivarius. “We are always looking for business opportunities, in which we connect suppliers and our international clients.”