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Egg-cellence in motion

Swedish car manufacturer Koenigsegg is a world-leader when it comes to sports car innovation.

“Our cars are designed to offer the ultimate in performance, combining advanced materials for low weight, with engine and suspension technology more akin to racing cars than a typical road car,” explains Christian von Koenigsegg, who founded the company in 1994 when he was just 22 years old.

So advanced are the cars that each one is built to order, by hand, in the company’s artisan factory in Ängelholm, Sweden, and only 15–20 are built per year. It’s this highly focused vision and “unyielding tenacity” to which Christian attributes the firm’s success.

“To succeed in a highly specialised market you need a vision that offers something unique and an iron-clad will to see that vision come to life,” says the entrepreneur.

“You need a willingness to risk everything. More than that, however, you need people with the talent to see your vision become real.”

The latest vision brought to life by Christian and the team is the Regera. The ‘hypercar’ combines racing-spec electrical power with Koenigsegg’s twin-turbo V8 to produce a staggering 1500hp – and the firm now has a two-vehicle range for the first time as a result.

“You need a willingness to risk everything and people with the talent to see your vision become real”

“The US recovery gave us the confidence to expand our model range and boost our production rate to meet demand,” explains Christian. “The re-emergence of the American market after the global financial crisis provided fantastic opportunities for us.”

As for the future, Christian cites automation, electrification, the environment and less car-friendly cities as challenges facing the industry. But with challenges come opportunities and Koenigsegg has been working within the fields of electrification and automaton for several years. “It’s a very exciting time when you consider all that can be achieved,” adds Christian.

  • 15-20 - Number of cars made by Koenigsegg each year