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Just what the doctor ordered

Every day, the team at Bath ASU makes 2500 injectable medicines to help NHS patients who are fighting cancer, in pain, living with chronic disease or suffering from blood-borne infections. Bath ASU, founded in 2000 at the University of Bath, began as an education and training resource for students. Six years later, it became a commercial operation, winning a contract with the NHS and going on to achieve something unique in the British pharmaceutical market: the launch of a patient-specific service to hospitals with turnaround times – two hours to make and ship a product – that have placed it well ahead of competitors.

Key to its success is a commitment to keep pushing the boundaries of what is achievable. “We invest heavily in R&D to maintain our product pipeline, in facilities to keep us at the leading edge in technology and in people development to improve productivity and flexibility,” says Chris Watt, CEO of the company. “We have continually sought to bring innovations to products and services that are focused on increasing throughput in NHS clinics, while using our purchasing power to reduce costs both for us and for customers.”

It is the combination of these two factors that has enabled its customer proposition to match the current needs of NHS trusts and helped to grow demand for Bath ASU’s services, adds Chris.

  • 2500 - Number of injectable medicines produced by Bath ASU every day

With healthcare resources as stretched as they currently are throughout the United Kingdom, the need for hospitals and clinics to depend on reliable and efficient ancillary products is crucial.

Chris believes the model that Bath ASU has honed over nearly two decades in operation is one that other emerging companies would do well to follow.

“Pick a market that is growing and focus relentlessly on building a value proposition that matches your market’s current needs,” he says. And, most importantly, “...never believe you have finished.”