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You can breathe more easily now

Medical device pioneer Aerogen has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a start-up working above a butcher’s shop in western Ireland.

“That was 1997,” explains John Power, the firm’s CEO, who was crowned European Entrepreneur of the Year by the European Business Awards in 2015/2016.

“Today, we’re the world-leading manufacturer and distributor of high-performance aerosol drug delivery systems for hospitals, and our products have treated over five million critically ill patients in 75 countries around the world.”

The impressive figures don’t stop there, either. Aerogen’s records show eight years of 30%+ compound annual growth despite the economic downturn. John attributes this phenomenal success to a combination of branding and partnerships.

“Our efficient systems have resulted in individual hospitals recording savings worth hundreds of thousands of dollars or euros while delivering superior patient care” - John Power, CEO, Aerogen

“We’ve grown the business by driving our presence and brand broad and deep across our market sector,” he says. “We are partnering with some of the largest global healthcare OEMs such as GE Healthcare, Philips and Medtronic, who want to utilise our systems in collaboration with their own equipment to deliver superior patient outcomes.” These partnerships with multinational leaders have enabled Aerogen to create a diverse global presence.

The approach has helped Aerogen face off worldwide industry challenges too.

“Healthcare systems throughout the world have come under increased pressures to save costs,” says John. “Our efficient systems have resulted in individual hospitals recording savings in pharmaceutical bills worth hundreds of thousands of dollars or euros while, most importantly, delivering superior patient care.”

  • 75 - The number of countries in which Aerogen products are used to treat the critically ill

As for the future, innovation and growth will remain at the company’s core and at the heart of everything it does, says John. “We’ve doubled our workforce every three years. We are continuously evolving to ensure we have a greater impact in our market of acute care.”