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Among the increasing proportion of the global population wising up to the harmful effects of climate change, the benefits of solar power over ‘dirty’ energy sources has become something of a no-brainer. What are known as ‘solar parks’ are cropping up in ever greater numbers and Spanish company STI Norland, founded in 1996, is among the world leaders in the design, supply and installation of solar trackers – specific devices which orient a panel towards the sun – together with fixed structures for these parks.

“Not many companies in this sector have over 20 years’ experience and have been there since the very be-ginning of the solar sector,” says Alberto Peréz, deputy CEO of the company, which has installed projects in more than 12 countries across the globe.

“There are now more people working in the solar industry than other energy sectors, such as gas fields or oil rigs”

STI Norland prides itself on a commitment to innovation and to the continuous improvement of its products and processes, while ensuring that it maintains close relations with customers from the inception of the project through to its completion.

Today, it is a fully international company, and sees scope for further growth. “The solar sector is booming, in many different countries around the globe, and this always brings new opportunities,” Alberto says. “There are now more people working in the solar industry than other energy sector, such as gas fields or oil rigs.”

A growing conviction that the expansion of solar energy is vital – if we are to limit the damage being done to the environment – is likely to ensure that STI Norland continues to open up new markets. Alberto be-lieves that solar energy has proven itself to be a worthy competitor to other conventional energy sources.

  • 12 - Countries in which STI Norland has installed one of its projects

“Our goal is to keep on designing avant-garde products, which are more intelligent, and in this way allow our customers to increase their production of clean energy,” he says.