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How does your garden grow?

Founded in 1854, Neudorff has been producing natural gardening products for more than 150 years. “Our company was one of the first German companies to produce plant protection products and animal care products,” explains Hans-Martin Lohmann, CEO, W. Neudorff. “It was recognised early on that there was a market for environmentally friendly substances for the amateur gardener.”

By the 1970s, awareness of the environmental damage caused by chemicals had grown dramatically and the company began producing more and more eco-friendly and non-chemical products – cementing its po-sition in the market.

“Plants, and their care and protection, are the basis of our lives. Food, raw materials, energy and recreation emerge from them” - Hans-Martin Lohmann, CEO, W. Neudorff

“Plants, and their care and protection, is the basis of our lives,” says Hans-Martin. “Food, raw materials, energy and recreation emerge from them. Our primary goal in the development of new products is still to prevent an unnecessary burden for the environment and humans while solving problems in the house and garden.”

However, there is still plenty more to do, believes Silke Conrad, the company's sustainability manager. She points out that today, despite our greater environmental awareness, people consume more resources than the earth can provide us with.

“The whole world has therefore decided on sustainable development. In many countries, the legislation is already changing so companies will have to change too. In the future, chemical pesticides will be not al-lowed for private use because it harms useful insects and pollutes the environment.”

  • 163 - Number of years Neudorff has been producing its natural gardening products

According to Hans-Martin, Neudorff is ready to lead the charge. “Previously, we were laughed at for our ecological products, but today we are a global company. The challenge is now no longer to exist in the market but to stand out from the many imitators. Innovation means not adapting to others, but inspiring them.”