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The growing emphasis on environmental awareness among the consumers of the 21st century has pushed companies of all types to change the way they operate. Waste and polluting practices can no longer be ignored – they have become a chief determinant of reputation, and a failure to adhere to changing expectations could now be to the detriment of any company.

Gruppo Happy realised this early on. The food packaging conglomerate, – founded more than three dec-ades ago and composed of companies from Italy, Spain and Germany – boasts some of the biggest names in the European industry: Magic, Happy, Esperia and Prima.

“The high operational efficiency and product quality is largely thanks to our research and development efforts”

The company sees its chief mission to develop products that are safe, high in quality and environmentally friendly, and which use the fewest resources possible. And, unsurprisingly, the company’s mantra reflects this: “Good packaging has never transformed a bad product into a good one, but bad packaging can trans-form a good product into a bad one.”

The company boasts a lean, young and dynamic organisational structure, where the decision-making pro-cesses have been honed over the years so that they are able to respond swiftly to market changes, such as the broader trend towards sustainable living.

“The high operational efficiency and product quality is largely thanks to our research and development efforts and also to the presence of state-of-the-art machines,” explains Biasio Florio Natale, president of the Holding Happy SRL.

  • 1992 - Year in which Magic Pack, the start of Gruppo Happy, was founded

Gruppo Happy has grown strongly in foreign markets in recent years, and has invested commercially in de-veloping its sales across the food industry. Biasio says that, as a result, the company now enjoys stronger direct contact with its customers and can offer them the most suitable packaging to cater for their re-quirements.

What is the secret to its success? Biasio doesn’t hesitate in answering. “Constant attention towards the customer and the final consumer, and the continuing search for quality,” he says.