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Romania on the move

Allview has a number of highly coveted claims to fame: it was the first Romanian company to launch a tablet PC, and the first to develop a Romanian-brand smartphone. It is perhaps no surprise, therefore, that it is the country’s leading local mobile phone brand and has been able to quickly expand into the European market.

“Ever since this company first started out, it has been our wish to give our users access to the latest technologies, to offer an equitable quality/price ratio and, last but not least, to continuously innovate,” says Lucian Peticila, CEO of the company.

Its rapid growth has seen Allview enter markets in 20 European countries, from Poland to Spain to Lithuania, propelled by a strong team of developers who have designed a user-friendly interface and equipped their mobile phones with all the latest technical features.

“The biggest challenge is to offer users the right solutions for their needs”

Lucian says that it is crucial that the company keeps pace with the rapid changes in technology that the mobile phone industry uses. Failure to do so could see it lag behind its competitors.

“Technology is evolving at a very fast pace, which is why the biggest challenge is to continue to offer our users the right solutions for their communication needs,” he says. “We have been Google’s first partner in Romania and the Android operating system was one of our strongest achievements since the market launch of smartphones in 2008.”

  • 20 - Number of European countries in which Allview now operates

Additionally, the company has kept a close eye on market trends, spotting earlier than others how smartphone user habits change, and seeking to capitalise on these.

“Naturally, we want an intuitive and easy experience for the users of the Allview products, and that is why our devices are created and equipped taking these criteria into consideration,” Lucian says.